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Knock Your "Socks" Off Customer Service



Knock Your "Socks" Off Customer Service is what each and every one of us strive for
every day at DACO, as evidenced by the socks hanging from the ceiling in our front lobby,
displaying the names of customers who have completed our survey and give us a "10".
We invite you to take our one question survey and let us know how we are doing,
good or bad, to help us learn and improve our processes.

While we love to receive 9's and 10's, it is actually the lower scores that we learn from the most.
As hard as we try, we may from time to time stumble, and if we do, we want to know about it
so we can figure out what went wrong and make sure we don't repeat the same mistakes.

So keep those surveys coming, we have plenty of room on our ceiling for more socks...

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