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Marine Boat Deck Ortho Rubber Matting

Manufacturer: Pro-Tech Mats



Ortho Mat...because it feels so good!

Ortho Marine Rubber Matting is made from pressure cured molded material made from re-bond virgin Ortho anti fatigue mats and can be cut into any size and shape needed to fit your boat deck.  The closed cell material is designed to get wet and is formulated with an anti-microbial agent added into it to eliminate mold, mildew and bacteria. 

Back, leg, and foot aches and pains resulting from prolonged standing is one of the leading causes of fatigue.  By placing rubber matting on your boat deck, under your carpet, it will make your fishing experience all the more enjoyable while you are trying to catch the "BIG ONE".

This industrial rubber matting is easy to install - simply cut the rubber matting with scissors or a razor  blade and glue it to the boat deck.  Then glue the carpet to the material.  Stop the marine carpet padding 1/2" short of all edges, this will allow the carpet to taper down to deck.

Ideal for new boat manufacturing, as well as re-carpeting of existing boats.

Ortho Marine Carpet Padding - Rubber Matting Features:

  • Pressure cured molded re-bond material made from virgin nitrile Otho anti fatigue mats.
  • Made of closed cell material that is designed to get wet.
  • Anti-microbial agent is molded into the rubber matting to eliminate mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Can be cut into any size or shape.
  • Color - Black
  • Standard Thickness - 1/4", customer thicknesses are also available.
  • Standard Roll Sizes - 36" and 42" widths by 50' long.  Custom widths and lengths are also available..

Ortho Marine Carpet Padding - Rubber Matting Benefits:

  • AMERICAN made and ergonomically designed.
  • Stand in total comfort while fishing.
  • Excellent compression deflection while standing.
  • Reduces sound and vibration on boat deck so the fish are spooked.
  • Enhances and extends the carpet life.
  • Gives the fish a soft place to land if fishing by net net rule.
  • Soft on your knees when kneeling to grab a fish.
  • Adds flotation to boats.
  • Reduces condensation under deck lids.


  • Maximum temperature material will withstand without defects is 200 degrees, lowest temperature is -5 degrees - Tested and Approved.
  • Water/Fluid Absorption: 24 hours free stand water test - Passed.
  • Anti-microbial additive to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria - Dowicide by Dow Chemical added to compound. (MSDS Available)
  • Chemical and petroleum product resistant - Excellent.
  • Compression Deflection - Excellent. (test results available)




ENERGIZE Your Feet Today!


Material - Re-bond Ortho I

Color - Black

Dimensions - Standard Roll Sizes 36" & 42" Widths x 50' Length, custom widths, lengths and thicknesses are also available.


FOB Point - Thousand Palms, CA  92276

Estimated Standard Lead Time - TBA depending on availability & manufacturers lead time

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