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Caliber Collapsible Bulk Containers

Caliber IBC™ Collapsible Intermediate Bulk Containers are manufactured from FDA approved food grade plastic. Their flat, smooth surfaces and rounded corners are easy to clean, ensuring the highest level of hygiene. They are the perfect collapsible containers for handling your fluid and dry products such as powders, granulates and flakes.

These reusable bulk containers can handle the tough jobs including pressure and hot filling, outdoor storage and rail transport, tolerating temperatures from 0° to 140°F

Available in solid and bottom discharge versions.

The lid features a unique locking system securing at eight different tamper evident locations and stacks with the containers when collapsed.

Compatible with form-fit and pillow style liners (sold separately).

Caliber Collapsible Bulk Container Features & Benefits include...more



IBC 315
48" x 44.1" x 46.7" Bottom Discharge $655.00 Add to Cart Button
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IBC 315
48" x 44.1" x 46.7" Top Discharge $640.00 Add to Cart Button
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Caliber Collapsible Bulk Container Features & Benefits:

  • Collapsible - these reusable bulk containers can be easily and quickly collapsed when empty for space-saving and distribution.
  • Hygienic Design - flat, smooth surfaces and rounded corners ensure the highest level of hygiene.  Caliber containers are easy to wash and are manufactured of FDA approved materials.  All contact surfaces are plastic for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

  • Easy Handling - containers feature a forklift compatible base that allows efficient and secure handling from all four sides.  No banding or tools are required for normal use of a Caliber.

  • Efficient Identification - these collapsible bulk containers have large areas for labeling and offer a number of identification options including serials numbers, bar code markings and a wide variety of RFID options.

  • Safe Stacking - stacking ridges ensure the lid and base interlock when stacked and collapsed, allowing a safe, self-supporting column in storage and distribution.  Please contact us for safe stacking heights.

  • Tamper Evidence - tamper evident seals may be used with the Caliber family.  Seals can be placed on the lid and discharge openings. 

  • Liner - fluid contents are filled into a specially designed liner bag, which is well protected inside the collapsible container.  No additional dunnage is required for filling and shipment.  We can assist you with your liner supply needs.
  • Recyclable - high density polyethylene (HDPE) can be recycled.

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