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January 17, 2014
DACO Corporation Acquires Assets of Applied Handling Northwest

DACO Corporation Acquires Assets of Applied Handling Northwest

Kent, WA – January 17, 2014 - DACO Corporation, a leading provider of material handling and packaging supplies & equipment throughout the USA, is pleased to announce they have acquired the assets and trade name of Applied Handling Northwest Inc. (AHNW).  Both companies are committed to integrity, professional excellence, “knock your socks off” customer service, and bring years of quality industry experience to every project regardless of size or location.  Combining these two companies provides clients of both organizations with an extensive range of products, a larger inventory for quick shipment, and the ability to save money on freight costs.

June 19, 2012
Pallet Jacks & Pallet Stackers

Sales and Distribution Partnership offers New line of Pallet Jacks

Kent, Washington - June 19, 2012 - DACO Corporation is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Canadian manufacturer and distributor, Mobile Industries Inc., adding the Mobile line of manual and electric pallet jacks and stackers to DACO’s extensive line of material handling and storage solution equipment.

July 15, 2010

DACO Announces a New Addition to the MACX® Line of Bulk Containers

Kent, Washington – July 15, 2010 – DACO today announced the addition of the new MACX48® 48x48 series, manufactured by Decade Products, to their bulk container product line.  Designed to meet the needs of the agricultural market, it can be mounted directly to harvesting equipment facilitating transport of produce directly from the field to the processing plant and/or onto trucks for transport to market, thus eliminating multiple transfers from field to equipment to its ultimate destination.  By reducing handling steps, valuable time can be saved and possible produce damage reduced.

July 7, 2010

DACO and Teilhaber Mfg. Join Forces to Offer Quality Industrial Steel Shelving Solutions

Kent, Washington – July 7, 2010 – DACO Corp today announced that they are partnering with Colorado-based Teilhaber Mfg. to stock and offer Q-Shelf. Q-Shelf is industrial boltless steel shelving used by companies who are looking for a cost effective solution that allows them to utilize unused overhead air space. By going up instead of out, valuable floor space is freed up to use for more productive activities. “We are excited about partnering with Teilhaber to offer quality steel shelving to our customers. They offer years of experience providing creative steel shelving solutions that help organize and increase our customers’ productivity.” says Justin Cox, DACO’s resident steel shelving expert.

April 12, 2010

Remco’s New Orange HACCP Tools

Kent, Washington – April 6, 2010 – DACO announced today that Remco/Vikan has added a new color—orange—to the other color choices they offer for their HACCP food, material handling and cleaning tools.

October 30, 2009

DACO Partnering with RackmedX to bring Pallet Rack Repair to the West Coast

Kent, Washington – October 30, 2009 – DACO Corp today announced that they are partnering with Mississippi-based RackmedX LLC to offer full service pallet rack repair to companies who are looking for a cost effective option to replacing their damaged racking systems. Many companies today have some sort of pallet rack damage but have delayed addressing it due to cost, down time and the disruption caused to their operations. “We are excited to be able to offer our customers an affordable alternative to replacing their damaged pallet racking systems. The RackmedX system will actually make the repaired components more impact resistant with increased protection than the original upright.” says Justin Cox, DACO’s resident pallet rack expert.

September 15, 2009

DACO Announces Addition of New UniLift™ to Lift Table Product Line

Kent, Washington – August 15, 2009 – DACO today announced the addition of the new UniLift™, manufactured by Bishamon Industries Corporation, to their lift tables product line.  This 2 in 1 pallet transporter / positioner gives you the best of both worlds in one piece of equipment saving you both valuable time and money.  It maneuvers like a pallet jack allowing you to position your load exactly where you want it and then lifts it like a positioner to the optimal working height. Where it used to take two different pieces of equipment to accomplish this, now you only need one and it is the only product available that can transport and lift a closed bottom pallet without straddling it and can be used with standard GMA pallets and skids.

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