Employee Spotlight - Lori Anderson - Business Development

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I’m a country girl at heart.  I was born in Portland, Oregon but moved to a 6 acre farm in Boring, Oregon in the 5th grade, but it was anything but BORING.  Between the acre of garden we planted and of course had to weed; the horses, cows, chickens and my rabbit “Thumper” (I know not very original) we took care of; and the hay we bucked each year; there was plenty to keep us busy.  But it did teach me the value of hard work and responsibility, two qualities that I am still proud of today. I have been with my husband, Scott, for twenty one years.  We have no children, he’s a big kid at heart and all I can handle sometimes, but he makes life very fun.  We enjoy camping every year with friends that he has kept in touch with since childhood, pretty cool. I have an awesome family that I adore and would do anything for. Two nephews and a niece that I love as if they were my own, I love watching them grow up and witness all their achievements. I have been with DACO for thirteen years and counting and can honestly say, I love what I do.  Working on DACO's website and social media channels gives me the chance to put my creative and artistic skills to good use.  Everyone at DACO is like a second family to me, it’s a great feeling that I wish everyone was lucky enough to experience.  

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