Employee Spotlight - Brenda Hansen - BDS

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I have been married 35 years to my husband Russ and we have 2 daughters, 4 grandkids, and 3 "big babies" our black and yellow labs. I started out my working career in the office products field where I worked for 28 years starting out as a "Pencil Pusher" sales clerk, then became manager of 3 locations then eventually buying all 6 retail locations in the Seattle area.  I enjoyed the variety of tasks involved including some travel to places like Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York where I spent my 40th Birthday and even got carded believe it or not, Happy Birthday to Me!!!  I also belonged to a Young Professional's Group which met at all the tradeshows to share information about our businesses. After selling the stores, I took about a year break spending a lot of time with my family then becoming a Head Hunter, business consultant or whatever you call somebody that finds people jobs.  During one of my conversations with an employer I was working with, I called myself a "Pimp" as I sold people for a living, my supervisor made me some business cards with that title-I'm sure you know I could only give those out to a handful of people with a great sense of humor! 4 years ago I started at DACO, on my birthday, and on my 2nd day of work, because I had worked downtown Seattle, was asked to go with our warehouse manager to help him find a customer that we were picking up a number of pallets of products from.  Oh I knew downtown pretty well, that's why I had us turn on a one way street the wrong way, which of course was in front of a police station, and were chased by a uniformed lady on a segway!! We did a u-turn in front of her and thank goodness we outran her and finally found the location we were searching for, only to find out we were supposed to be doing the pickup about 2 miles south of our location in Kent! My husband and I enjoy spending time walking our dogs (or should I say being pulled by the dogs), taking motorcycle trips, visiting our granddaughter in Ellensburg (where my husband does a lot of hunting and fishing) doing some camping with our older 2 grandkids, and also watching them in all their sporting activities.  Nobody wants to sit next to me at the games as I'm pretty loud, unlike my quiet self at work, and do a lot of jumping around!  I believe if you're there to support them, they might as well know you're there!!  
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