Choosing the Right Strapping for the Job

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Strapping is commonly used to bundle cartons or items together to protect them during shipment and/or storage. There are many different types of industrial strapping available for you to use to and we thought we would discuss the three most commonly used types available, with their advantages and disadvantages, to help you decide which is best to use in which situations. Elongation – refers to the amount of stretch the strap has when tension is applied Elongation Recovery – refers to the strap's ability to return to its original state after tension is applied

  1. Steel Strapping

This is the strongest type of strapping out of the four. Steel strapping is strongly recommended to be used when you require high strength and a low elongation (stretch). It is commonly used with goods that are heavy, hot or sharp. Unlike plastic strapping, steel strapping is powerfully sealed with the help of mechanical seals and notch type joints. Steel strapping is difficult to recycle however if you are environmentally conscience.

  1. Polypropylene Strapping

Budget-friendly and more popularly used by many industries, polypropylene plastic strapping is lightweight, easy to apply, and the cheapest of the options – and not to mention that the material is very easy to recycle. The main advantage of this type of strapping is that it offers high elongation (stretch) and recovery. Unlike steel strapping, it does have the potential to split.

The strapping comes in both hand and machine grade forms and can be conveniently sealed using heat seals, friction welds, and buckles.

  1. Polyester (PET) Strapping

There is no question that polyester strapping is the most rigid and offers greater resistance and tensions compared to a majority of other types of plastic strappings. It is primarily used for sealing heavy duty items that require increased tension and retained tension (Polyester strapping has less stretch than polypropylene strapping). It is nick resistant, can be sealed with heat, friction welds and seals, easy to recycle, and easy on the pocket book.

Many steel strapping users are switching to polyester strapping because of its price and performance. It comes in both hand and machine grade.

Hopefully this helps you to determine which type of strapping is best for your applications – if you have any question though, it is best to consult your local packaging expert.

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