Why Didn't I Think of That - Drying Waterlogged Phones or iPods

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Cleaver Idea #4 - This has probably happened to many of you - you drop your cell phone or iPod in the toilet or accidentally run it through the washer, and you panic.  The first think you do is try to turn it on to make sure it is still working.  That's the worst thing you can do.  If it isn't already ruined, it probably will be as soon as you try to turn it on.  If it is still on after dropping it in the water, turn it off immediately. But don't give up on your device just yet, there is hope.  By using a vacuum cleaner and/or or rice, you may be able to save it. Here is a how to video i found that might help:   If you have an iPhone or iPod, here is a video with four suggestions on how to possibly fix it. These aren't 100% cures, but many people have had luck so it is worth a try, before going out and buying a new one. Good Luck!  
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