Employee Spotlight – Mike Callahan – Sales Territory Manager

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Mike Callahan - DACO Sales Territory Manager I am a people person and enjoy my interactions with clients, suppliers and co-workers.  My driving desire in both business and personal is embodied in the question, "Who can I help today? Helping others builds strong relationships. I have been in the process of selling goods and services since I was 19 years old - throughout my college years, owning my own business, and now for DACO – and still love doing it. I owned a Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream franchise for 9 years. I often felt like "Sam Malone" of the "Cheers" TV sitcom by making customers feel like it was a place "where everybody knows your name". It was a fun and lively business. I am nourished by building personal and business relationships, and have been working as part of the DACO team for over 15 years now. I have always preferred the atmosphere of a family owned business that cares about its customers, vendors and employees mutual well being and who truly "walks the talk". At DACO, we all love to help improve our customer’s productivity and employee safety. I am blessed to be married for 35 years to an incredible woman, and have the most amazing 3 children including their spouses. I am the very proud, and ever joyful, grandfather of 3 very young and always entertaining little people.  People are why I work, and Family is why I live!  
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