5 Common Uses for Plastic Totes

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Cardboard boxes have their uses, but they're outshined in almost every way when compared to plastic totes. When left alone, it can take cardboard only a few months to start decomposing. Plastic stack and nest containers will last far longer, and you don't have to worry about animals burrowing their way inside. Additionally, using plastic totes gives you more of an ability to stack your boxes and save space. Clear totes make it easy to see through, so you won't have to dig through ten boxes to find the files you wanted. Ahead, we'll cover five ways you can use your plastic totes, and why they're far superior to cardboard alternatives.

Plastic Totes For Holiday Decorations

With the holiday season in the rearview mirror, people are beginning to bundle their office decorations and store them away for another year. We go through this cycle every year, forgetting about our ornaments until the next season comes. Why not store these decorations in a plastic tote? These boxes are sturdy and can protect fragile ornaments and lights from surrounding boxes and pressure.


Almost every company has some outdated or unused electronics laying around. Maybe the corporate office sent you a few too many phones from your last order. Storing these in cardboard boxes can mean you crush brand new items before you ever get a chance to use them. In cardboard boxes, they're also more vulnerable to moisture. Plastic totes will let you see what kind of electronics are inside, and protect them from these types of harm.

Heavier Items

You can easily substitute a cardboard box for a plastic tote when considering some storable items, but heavy items need plastic. Heavy items can fall through the bottom of a cardboard box, and may even cause injury if you're not careful.


Cable clutter is one of the most annoying elements of any company. If you've had a business for more then a few months, chances are you'll have some unused cables cluttering the office floor and closet. Wrap these cables properly, then store them in a plastic tote in case you need them later. This will keep them more organized and safe from moisture and weight of the other boxes. Using cardboard is risking ruining the cables and rendering them useless.


Important documents start to pile-up after a while, especially if you run a business. Storing these files in a cardboard box risks exposing them to the elements, which can ruin the documents. Plastic totes keep everything neat, organized and safe. File-away some of your documents in a plastic tote to keep them away from harm in case you need them later.

The Many Uses of Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are some of the most versatile storage materials you can buy. They hardly take up any space when you're not using them, and are far more durable and accessible than cheap, cardboard boxes. Here are just a few types available: Need to get some plastic bins of your own? Contact us today to see what options we have available.  
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