Proper Anti Fatigue Mat Resiliency Makes a Different

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There is no doubt that standing for long hours at a time can cause a variety of health problems. A majority of factory and warehouse workers report back pain, lower back ache, knee pain and feet pain – which ultimately can lead to a considerable decrease in productivity and motivation.

Anti Fatigue Mats

One of the best ways to combat fatigue and body aches is to incorporate the use of anti fatigue mats, which are designed to support your stance – adding a high degree of flexibility and comfort. Soft padded mats can support your weight, eliminating the stress from your feet and back, distributing your weight evenly with slight movements as you stand and work on the mat.

Standing for long periods of time can result in a poor circulation of blood in your body – which in turn leads to exhaustion, lack of energy and a lack of focus. Anti fatigue matting is ergonomically designed and medically proven to boost your blood circulation. On top of that, the right anti fatigue mat can also improve your posture and condition the muscles of your legs and back.

Anti Fatigue Matting Resiliency Makes a Difference

Determining the resiliency, also referred to as recovery, of rubber floor matting is critical if it is going to reduce stress and fatigue. If the matting is too soft, it might feel good at the start but could end up causing even more stress and fatigue over time, because it didn’t properly support your back and legs. On the other hand, if the matting is too hard, it may have no affect at all, because it is no different than standing on the hard floor in the first place.

An ideal anti fatigue mat should have the perfect balance of comfort and responsiveness so it doesn’t bottom out. As your weight shifts, the mat should quickly return to its original shape; if it takes too long to rebound, it isn’t providing the comfort, support, and circulatory benefits it’s supposed to.

Pro-Tech Ortho Rubber Floor Matting

Ortho Mats, designed to help with wellness and posture, are thicker than traditional industrial matting available in the market today. These thicker mats are manufactured to help eliminate fatigue and strains which are quite commonly associated with floor vibration, heat and/or coldness, as well as avoiding the risk of slips and falls.

You would be surprised to know how much a company has to bear in terms of the costs in worker compensation because of slips, falls and health issues due to prolonged standing. However, with the right anti fatigue matting you can considerably slash compensation costs, and at the same time, be able to provide your workers with a comfortable environment – boosting their productivity and morale.

The Bottom Line

In all, you cannot underestimate the resourcefulness and the benefits of adequate floor matting for your workers.

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