Archive Boltless Steel Shelving Provides Efficient Record Storage

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It’s that time of the year again to purge your old files, store away the current years, to make room for next year’s files. Storing records efficiently can be a challenge and a space hog. While there are several styles of industrial shelving you can use, boltless shelving is an ideal solution all your business record storage needs. It offers distinct advantages over other shelving options, like easy set up and efficient storage. Wondering if it’s the right choice for you, well, consider these benefits:

Simple Installation

Some types of pallet racks and industrial shelving need extensive effort and time to be installed properly, and have to be installed by a professional. Boltless shelving, however, requires nothing more than a mallet or hammer to install, and can be set up easily by anyone who has a reasonable amount of skill and knowledge when it comes to fitting parts together. All you have to do is snap the rivets onto the beams, and then onto the angle posts. The shelves will fit easily and simply into the beams, and that’s about it! However, you should note that the amount of time it takes depends on the number of shelves you want to install.

Easy to Move & Reconfigure

Should the need arise to reconfigure your layout or add more shelves, boltless steel shelving gives the flexibility to conveniently reconfigure your shelving units. It snaps apart and can be joined back together, allowing you to reconfigure your storage or warehouse anytime without incurring any additional expense (unless you are adding new shelves, of course!). If new shelves are needed, they will easily fit into the existing ones. Simple, isn’t it?

Safe Storage

When it comes to safety, boltless steel shelving units are well-designed and sturdy. They are available in a wide variety of strengths to suit your needs. And the best thing of all, no bolts get loose over the course of time and cause accidents. These shelves are specifically designed to handle the load of your records and files without crushing or toppling under pressure. As long as you use boltless shelving according to the safety guidelines and within the weight specifications, it is a great archive storage solution. Are you having problems managing the record and file storage of your business? Then boltless shelving is the way to go as it offers safety, convenience, efficiency and practicality.
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