How You Can Benefit from a Custom Designed Wire Mesh Storage Cage

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Custom Designed Storage CageWire mesh partitions are used to create custom designed wire security cages that can be used to store and secure your valuable goods, machinery and even people. Their see through design allows you to see the contents of the interior at all times, which is great for security reasons.

They can be configured to any size you need to fit your specific applications and can even be cut-out around existing pipes, beams, pipes, or other obstructions that exist in your facility

Some of the many benefits of wire mesh partitions / security cages include:

  1. Assist in preventing pilferage.


  2. Provide tamper proof security for your goods and supplies.
  3. Assist in keeping unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas.
  4. Work area protection for both machinery and personnel.
  5. Creates separate and secure work areas within your facility.
  6. Wire mesh design allows for clear viability of interior and contents.
  7. Systems are customizable and relocatable.

Companies of all types have wire mesh security cages installed in their facilities and consider them reliable solutions for their security issues.

To find out more about Wire Mesh Security Cages, click here.


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