Benefits Of Collapsible Bulk Containers

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A warehouse does not have space to waste. When storing items, you need to be efficient. Wasted space is wasted money. The same applies when you need to ship materials to a customer. You want something durable, and that can stand up to the journey. The solution that saves you space and money are collapsible containers.

Collapsible bulk containers are durable containers that allow for easy stacking and storage when not in use, which makes them perfect for warehouses! This allows your company to utilize your space for what matters most—your product. They also can withstand rough shipping conditions and are easy to return to you.

Collapsible Bulk Containers Save Money

When running a business, you must be efficient with many things, one being your expenses. Collapsible containers allow you to do just that. The sturdy material they are made from can stand up to the toughest of conditions during transport. You will not need to replace them as often as containers derived from other materials.

Additionally, when your containers are shipped back to you, the return shipping costs will be significantly reduced, because they collapsible. These bins are easy to fold down and return, thus saving you money.

Collapsible Containers Are Reusable

While there are many variations of containers available for use in a warehouse setting, not all can be reused. The polyethylene foam used in these containers allows for durability not found in other materials. Materials like wood are prone to breakage and are challenging to clean. Polyethylene is durable, difficult to crack, free from corrosion, and easy to clean. This makes it ideal in a warehouse setting. And when the time finally does come to replace them, the material can be recycled.

Collapsible Bulk Containers Are Easy To Transport And Move

In a warehouse setting, you need containers that are easy to move around and load for transport. Our collapsible bulk containers are made of lightweight polyethylene foam, which allows for easy handling. Their dimensions were also designed so they can be loaded on a forklift and transported wherever they need to go. However, they are sold in a variety of sizes to meet whatever storage and shipping need you have.

Collapsible Containers Save On Storage Space

Even in something as large as a warehouse, storage space is still at a premium. Anytime space is not used wisely, that is wasted square footage. These containers break down quickly by simply releasing the latches on the sides, and folding them down. They can then be stored until needed again for storage or shipping.

NEW BR4845 Collapsible Bulk Containers

Buckhorn’s latest addition to their collapsible bulk container family is the BR4845, which comes in two heights of 25” & 34”. These collapsible containers are made exclusively from select recycled materials, making them an ergonomically friendly option, while being an ideal space saving choice for industries such as automotive and manufacturing.

Invest In DACO Collapsible Bulk Containers

Here at DACO, we offer collapsible bulk containers that are of the highest quality. They make an excellent investment for your business. You can break them down and store them with ease. They are durable and easy to clean, which saves your business money. To learn more about the wide variety of products we offer and our collapsible bulk containers, contact us here. Also, be sure to connect with us on Facebook.

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