Benefits Of Incorporating Ergonomic Solutions In Your Warehouse Operations

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Is your warehouse currently utilizing ergonomic solutions to maximize its operations? Ergonomic product handling solutions, such as scissor lift tables, rubber floor mats, and pallet jacks, help make your employees feel more comfortable, improve productivity, and optimize production efficiency. You always want to do your best to make your employees happy, and ergonomic solutions make tasks easier and lower the risk of injury for all of your workers.

Many types of businesses benefit from ergonomic solutions. You may consider adding a scissor lift table, rubber floor mats, or a pallet jack or two in your warehouse to create an even better environment and workflow. At the end of the day, ergonomic solutions are a great way to invest in both your business and its people.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a way of designing products, equipment, and the environment in the workplace that work with the natural flow and movement of the human body. Ergonomics want people to work well with the environment, equipment, and systems that they use, and it helps people work comfortably, which improves productivity and workplace efficiency.

Since ergonomics design the workplace and its equipment around the workers, workers are happier, more productive, and can potentially get hurt less often. People are less stressed, able to work, and move more naturally, and comfortably while working.

Scissor Lift Tables

Ergonomic scissor lift tables can change and improve your heavy load workflow. Ergonomic scissor lift tables are created for industrial and commercial businesses to lower and raise heavy product loads, typically pallets, and these ergonomic table solutions are key for your product handling business in improving efficiency, lowering injuries, and making employees more comfortable.

They are able to easily be moved up and down to meet the precise ideal height for each worker so that workers of all heights can enjoy this work area comfortably and work productively. These ergonomic scissor lift and tilt tables can reduce unloading time by 40%.

Rubber Floor Mats

DACO proudly sells Ortho Mat™ Rubber Floor Mats, which are used to help promote wellness in the workplace. They help lower fatigue and tension for workers that are standing for long periods of time.

They help workers stand balanced and evenly distribute their weight, and they can improve circulation and reduce pressure. These rubber floor mats are easy to keep clean and sanitized. They are also slip-resistant.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks improve your workflow efficiency and comfort while moving heavy loads. They allow workers to use less effort when moving pallets around a warehouse or retail store.

Pallet jacks are ergonomic product handling equipment solutions that minimize fatigue, improve productivity, and are cost-effective. DACO carries a wide variety of Workhorse™ pallet jacks, including standard/premium, corrosion-resistant, with a scale, electric, and custom, plus pallet jack stops.

Talk To A Specialist About Incorporating Ergonomic Solutions In Your Warehouse Today

If you think it’s time to incorporate more ergonomic solutions to make your workers happier and more comfortable, plus improve workplace efficiency, talk to one of our DACO team members today. Call 877-764-0453 or send us a message to get in touch now! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest in your warehouse needs!

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