Benefits Of Plastic Pallets

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Is your business considering upgrading your pallets from traditional wood pallets to plastic pallets?

Whatever your reason for considering plastic pallets for your business, pallets are highly important in supply chain management, along with a number of businesses and industries. They may not be noticeably impacting your business’ bottom line, but pallets are key for productivity, cost reduction, damage reduction, and more.

When it comes to pallet options, all pallets are not created equal, and there are many to choose from. Here is a breakdown of what plastic pallets are, what types are available, and the benefits they bring for businesses.

What Are Plastic Pallets?

To understand what plastic pallets are, it’s important to understand what pallets are used for in general. Pallets are used to both store and transport goods to and from your business. If your business does a lot of shipping or storing product, you will be using a lot of pallets. The best pallets are strong, reliable, and long-lasting because pallets are typically used for transporting a large number of products.

Plastic pallets are a type of pallet that are used quite frequently as an alternative to traditional wooden pallets. They are more economical, stronger, have a consistent construction, are more reliable, and are recyclable. Instead of porous wood material, these types of pallets have a smooth, plastic surface that is easily cleanable, ergonomic, and easy to recycle.

Different Types Of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets come in a wide range of types to suit different business types and applications, including export pallets, nestable pallets, stackable pallets, rackable pallets, FM (Factory Mutual Research Corporation) approved, and fast lock modular pallets. Each of these types of pallets has specific uses.

For example, export pallets in this material are an inexpensive choice for one-way shipments, and nestable pallets offer a 4 to 1 nesting ratio to save warehouse and shipping space when not in use. Stackable pallets in this material are often seen in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical businesses to suit specific sanitary environmental needs.

Benefits For Commercial & Industrial Businesses

Plastic pallets provide a wide range of benefits to commercial and industrial businesses, which is why many companies have already made the move to this material over wood. The many benefits include:

Cost-effectiveness - While there is a moderate initial cost, you will see a rapid economic payback and a high number of trips per pallet.

Safe - This pallet type reduces worker injuries due to a lightweight, seamless design that is focused on being ergonomic. Also no broken boards, or splinters to contend with.

Environmentally friendly - These pallets are built using natural resources, and cut down on wood use, in addition to having a longer life and being recyclable.

Lower product damage - Since they are durable with a consistent construction, the integrity of these pallets doesn’t change over time, which makes them reliable for transporting goods without damage.

Sanitary - For businesses who have sanitation at top of mind, these pallets are a perfect choice, since they don’t absorb moisture or support mold, mildew or fungus growth. They also don’t attract or keep insects, which is great for exports.

Learn More About Using Plastic Pallets For Your Business

Whether you’re ready to make a purchase or want to learn more about plastic pallets for your business, DACO is here to help. Call us today at 1-877-764-0453 or contact us online to get in touch with a knowledgeable team member to discuss this option for your business.

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