Whether you’re a part of a commercial food processing facility, a restaurant, or another type of business that tends to have trouble with bugs and pests due to food, drinks, or other perishable goods, you need to find the best way to remove and solve...
Bugs are something the population has a love/hate relationship with. They may play an essential role in nature, but they can become a nuisance inside a warehouse. They can bother workers and disrupt operations in your facility. They can also contaminate..
Summer is here and it’s time to look at investing in a bug zapper if you haven’t already. This time of year, the bugs and insects are out in full force and can be an annoyance when you are working. Not only can they be pesky, some can bite and cause...
Whether its the fear of illness or the damage that can be done to property by bugs, the $8 billion dollar pest control industry is focused on more than homes. On commercial sites, in warehouses, and retail establishments, a commercial bug zapper is..
Everyone gets excited when spring and summer arrive, along with the warmer weather, but what we don’t look forward to, is the return of pesky bugs that come with these seasons. Many companies have taken measures to combat them by installing electric...
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