COVID-19 Safety Product Solutions: Part 2

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It’s important for all businesses to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Your community, your employees, and your customers need to know that you are doing everything you can to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in your area.

To educate yourself and learn how to implement important safety and sanitary measures in your business, start by reviewing the official control and prevention guidelines from OSHA and the CDC. These links contain helpful information for what you can do to control the spread of COVID-19 and what to do in the event that the virus spreads to your facility.

By implementing effective COVID-19 safety product solutions, you can set up your business for success during this time with clearly displayed guidelines for being in your office or facility, cleaning solutions, temporary offices, and more.

Disinfectant Boot Bath Rubber Floor Mat

Disinfectant boot bath rubber floor mats help disinfect worker books and prevent cross-contamination from place to place. It cleans the bottom of boots and disinfects them, so that workers can ensure that any contaminants don’t spread to themselves or your company.

COVID-19 Safety Signs

COVID-19 safety signs help your business clearly communicate its distancing and sanitary standards to its customers. They help customers feel more comfortable in your building, and they help you create a more secure environment. It’s more important than ever to create a comfortable, secure environment for anyone who enters your building.

Modular Office Wall Partitions

Modular office wall partitions help you create office spaces that help you follow required COVID-19 guidelines. They allow you to use up your office space effectively, and you can maintain a safe work environment for your workers.

Safety Shield

Safety shields provide a glass shield for extra safety in reducing the spread of COVID-19. They are often seen in a wide variety of retail stores in checkout areas, and you can also find them used in health facilities, office buildings, and beyond.

Isolation Room Modular Offices

Isolation room modular offices are CDC-approved airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIRs) that help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone who needs to be quarantined immediately can be in one of these isolation room modular offices.

Personal Safety Partitions

Personal safety partitions or curtain walls help provide a physical separation between spaces. They can improve air quality by guarding against contaminants, and they can help workers keep guideline-based distances between one another — helping you provide a safer work environment for all.

Screening Booth Prefabricated Building

Screening booth prefabricated buildings are great for pop-up business needs, such as screening sites or wellness checking stations. They are individual portable rooms that ensure the safety of the workers inside from the spread of the disease.

Get Your COVID-19 Safety Products Today

DACO is here to help you with all of your COVID-19 safety products. We can help you implement them according to guidelines and help you ensure you’re creating the safest environment for your employees and customers.

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