DACO Family Celebrates at the Holidays

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We had our annual DACO Christmas Party last Friday night and it was a great night of shared fun and laughter, as are all our company gatherings. Kevin and Steve, DACO’s owners, along with the help of several little elves, put a lot of thoughtful effort each year in making the Christmas holiday party a truly joyous event for each of us.  The gleeful smiles on their faces throughout the evening just reinforced how much they truly care about each and every one of us and unselfishly consider us family. DACO Owners Kevin & Steve Kevin’s love for games, and his talent for getting people interacting with one another, always provides for a lot of good-hearted fun and laughter.  This year we played a balloon relay game “Guess what’s in the Stocking”, as well as our annual twist on the white elephant gift exchange.   The gift exchange is always good for a few good-natured brawls over some of the presents.  Since myself and several others do not live locally in Kent, where the corporate office is, we only see everyone four or five times a year so it is so nice to be able to spend time in a relaxed environment, catching up on what’s going on with our other DACO family members. Even though we are so appreciative for the individual gift and beautiful tower of pretty boxes filled with goodies that each of us was given by Kevin and Steve, it is the feeling of family that these two owners create and reinforce every day that makes us feel truly blessed and thankful that we work for them.  We could not ask Santa for two better people to work for / with and that is one of the best presents we will get this year.  
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