Designing Your Pallet Rack System around the Pallets You Use To Store Goods

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As you probably know, the specification and configuration of your pallet rack system is entirely dependent on the pallets that will be stored. However, what specific information is required to fully design your pallet rack systems in this way? Here’s what you will need:

Pallet Type

Generally, it’s the pallet size that affects the design of your racking system and this is determined by the pallet type. However, the construction of the pallet can also have an impact. Pallet racks are designed on the principle that the blocks on each corner must sit directly on the beam. If there are no bottom deckboards, the blocks have a lower tolerance and you may require wire decking to prevent the pallet from falling through the rack.

Pallet Size

While some types of pallets have predefined sizes, they can usually vary or you could have them custom made for particular products that only you manufacture. In such cases, it’s imperative that you understand your pallet size to determine the depth of your frames and clear entry of your beams.

Pallet Insertion

How you insert your pallet into the racking depends on its dimensions. The importance of a unified pallet insertion cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consult a reputable storage solutions provider to help you.

Pallet Height

When talking about pallet height, we don’t mean the height of the pallet itself but rather the total height including the load on it. This is important because it will determine the height of your pallet racking system as well as the number of beam levels that can be added at that particular height.

Pallet Weight

Determining the pallet weight will play an important role when configuring and specifying your system around the pallets you use. Pallet weight not only has an impact on the specification of the frame, but it also affects the beam duty, configuration of the racks as well as whether the warehouse floors are capable of handling loads from the pallet racking system.

Pallet Load Type

As virtually anything can be stored on a pallet rack system, it can be difficult to point out the variables and options available. While the load of the pallet will determine the pallet weight, load type could have an impact on the racking specification and design. You should also consider installing anti-collapse netting or mesh to prevent loose items from falling into walkways. Load overhang is one of the most significant elements that affect configuration. If your materials hang over the pallet’s area, make sure the dimensions of your racks are adjusted accordingly. A number of other factors also need to be considered when designing your pallet system. Hence, we highly recommend you speak to an expert!
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