Dunnage Air Bag Width Versus Void Size

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Dunnage Air Bags are one of the most effective ways to stabilize your load during shipment. By placing them in between your pallet loads to fill voids and brace the load, they prevent shifting that can cause damage. Besides knowing what level and type of dunnage air bag to use with each mode of transportation, it is also important to know what size bag to use to fill the voids. Below is a chart to help make those decisions clearer: Dunnage Air Bag Width _ 1 Another factor to take into consideration is whether to use a horizontal or vertical dunnage air bag. Vertical bags allow installers to inflate air bags in double stack applications. Inflation valve is easily accessible; no ladders or stools needed. Horizontal bags allow installers to inflate air bags in a single stack application, 2 pallet spaces deep. Inflation valve is easily accessible, to prevent bending and over-reaching. Dunnage Air Bag Width _ 2 By using the correct size and orientation air bag, you are taking the necessary steps to secure your loads and help eliminate product damage. To learn more about dunnage air bags, click here.
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