Dunnage Air Bags Provide Protection for Your Rail Car Shipments

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So, your rail car shipment has finally arrived. However, your workers open the container only to find that the cargo is unstable and damaged yet again. Your products are scattered across the floor and pallets are not unitized. Is there a way this can be prevented? With the use of dunnage air bags, it’s possible! Properly bracing cargo in containers is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems faced by exporters today. If a single container reaches the destination with damaged cargo, it can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damages. Hence, it’s extremely important you properly protect your cargo to avoid these losses. Dunnage air bags, also known as dunnage bags, can provide your cargo the stabilization and protection it needs. They are used for limiting the movement of cargo not only in railcars, but also trucks and overseas containers. That’s because they absorb vibrations, fill voids, brace loads, and ultimately protect cargo from damage during transit, better than any other method of load securement.

Why Should You Use this Option?

If you have discovered freight damages in your railcar shipment, it’s likely that it has been caused by cargo movement during transit. When your cargo is not secured properly, it usually ends up with messy or damaged products that can lead to lost or unhappy customers. As you already know, this can have a major impact on the bottom-line of your business. Not to mention, the need to put your damaged cargo back together can lead to valuable time being wasted, which can strain customer relations and adversely affect your production levels.

The Benefits of Using Dunnage Air Bags for Your Rail Car Shipments

Rail loads are regulated by carriers and the Association of American Railroads (AAR), which requires that loads be secured using Level 2-5 dunnage air bags that protect rail shipments by compacting and repositioning the load towards the end walls, eliminating length-wise voids and filling voids. The transportation and logistics industry is constantly fighting for survival. Ever-increasing taxes, fuel costs, wages and insurance premiums are all affecting profit margins. Therefore, it’s important that operational improvements be made to ensure your business is able to meet its pre-determined bottom-line. With dunnage air bags, you can successfully reduce the load factor, the single largest expense for a carrier. Moreover, installing dunnage bags will save you the time that is spent putting damaged cargo back together. Also, since these bags are highly flexible, it allows you to make better use of the available container space. Dunnage air bags can also allow fragile cargo to be loaded anywhere in the container. No other form of load securement can provide the protection and stabilization of dunnage air bags. So, by using them, you can eliminate the risk of your cargo arriving in a damaged or unusable state.
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