New Buckhorn Straight Wall Plastic Totes are Easy to Handle

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Did you know Buckhorn has a new line of straight wall handheld plastic totes made especially with your hands in mind? It’s true; handle ergonomics is a feature that can make or break your carrying experience. Handles are the one area of human interface on the container and that’s why the design is so important. All handles feel great until a container is filled with 25-30 lbs. of product and we can’t wait to put it down—we quite literally need to get it off our hands. The curved handle style currently used throughout the industry follows the shape of your fingers when in the grip position. While it is comfortable when empty, the unintended consequence of the design comes into play when the container is loaded and the handles become ergonomically unfriendly. Users tend to bring their hands close to the body, causing pinched or squeezed fingers as they slide to the near side of the handle. This happens because a larger weight load is placed on the ring and pinky fingers, which results in sometimes painful and always uncomfortable lifting. Buckhorn’s new straight wall plastic totes are light, tough, and easy to handle—made with both your employees and products in mind for a better handling experience. The new handle style takes its design cues from the original, universally-accepted straight handles developed decades ago. There are two major design elements that make the new Buckhorn straight wall handles among the most user friendly in the market. Design elements include:
  • Large Radius for User’s Fingers – The underside of the handle features a large, comfortable radius for the user’s finger tips that leads to another large radius at the edge of the handle.
  • No Digging into Hands – This large radius at the edge of the handle spreads the container’s weight load across all four fingers.
These features make carrying a container load feel inherently more comfortable and natural. Painful lifting is a thing of the past with Buckhorn’s new straight wall plastic totes. Buckhorn's reusable Straight Wall plastic totes are a stack only container, that is ideal for applications such as closed loop shipping, in-process handling and storage where the same containers are used throughout the process. They help to improve efficiencies throughout the entire supplier-to-manufacturer material handling process. Features & Benefits Include:
  • Reinforced sides and bottom provide excellent protect protection.
  • Ergonomic handles for easy, comfortable lifting and carrying.
  • All sizes will interlock together, so you can mix and match sizes.
  • Temperature range of -20 to +120 degrees.
  • Construction resists impact, moisture and most chemicals.
  • Will cube out 48” x 45” pallets.
Test drive any of the 13 new sizes of straight wall plastic totes to experience all features and benefits of the improved design.
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