Scissor Lift Tables Are A Great Ergonomic Solution To Your Processes

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For those of us who work in physically demanding jobs, comfort and safety are inter-related matters. What's uncomfortable for an extended duration of time, be it from prolonged poor posture or repeating awkward movements, can lead to muscle weakness and injury at some point.

Expensive equipment is better maintained than replaced, and the same goes for your employees. They require proven-safe methodologies and tools to perform the specific nature of their job to the best of their abilities.

Sometimes that's as easy as replacing the padded floor mats. Other times you need to invest in the best tool for the job, such as a scissor lift table.

What Is A Scissor Lift Table?

Just like it sounds, a scissor lift table is a device that raises and lowers heavy loads of goods, products, or people on a platform from a hydraulic-powered scissor mechanism beneath.

The value of a scissor lift table is it brings the level of the top of the load closer to the person doing the work, thus reducing or eliminating any of the unnecessary bending, reaching, or heavy lifting that will take its toll on the person's physique over time.

Businesses that handle products on pallets, such as manufacturers, processors, and distribution centers, will benefit from using scissor lift tables. Woodworkers, metalworkers, and machinists also gain from the improved management of their heavy loads.

How They Can Help Your Business

Introducing scissor lift tables to your operation will have numerous benefits. Most notably, time spent loading and unloading pallets are drastically decreased, as is managing furniture, heavy machinery, and any other heavy items, increasing efficiency and reducing costly bottlenecks in production.

Scissor lift tables will streamline product handling as well, as the improved ergonomics that allow employees to adjust to and work at the level of the product will reduce injuries and production-halting accidents, while also decreasing the needless expenses caused by product loss.

It's the employees themselves who will see the most direct benefit, as the reduced physical straining and taxation on their body will allow them to focus on the more intricate and detailed tasks, such as loading or unloading, assembly, repair, etc..

Types Of Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different environments and applications. They can be stationary units or mobile to allow for easy transport between stations.

Many scissor lift tables have rotating platforms that make pallets and large loads more accessible and maneuverable from any side.

Learn More About Scissor Lift Tables

Considering the many options available, it may help to contact a professional to see which type of scissor lift table will best suit the specific needs of your business.

The experts at DACO provide various scissor lift table types and models, and many other warehouse and shipping solutions ranging from industrial scales to loading dock levelers. Contact us for more information and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news, promotions, and product releases from DACO.

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