Exploring the Different Types of Mezzanines and Their Benefits

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Do your employees have to work in small or tight workplaces? With a mezzanine storage system in place, you can increase the productivity and capacity of your facility by putting your vertical space to good use. Although expansion is the preferred solution for facilities with space limitation, the costs of construction have continually risen over time, and let’s face it, not all businesses have that kind of finances. Mezzanines, on the other hand, are a cost-effective space solution that can be added to warehouses, manufacturing operations and distribution centers to create additional areas of production or increase storage capacity. If you are considering investing in a mezzanine system, knowing the different types of mezzanines available, as well as their benefits, will help you in choosing the right one for your facility’s needs:

Freestanding Mezzanine Storage

Generally considered a fixture within the facility, freestanding mezzanine storage systems are supported by structural columns that are bolted to the floor, taking up minimal space. In situations where loading requirements or usual configurations are not considered important factors, this type of mezzanine proves the ideal solution.

Shelving & Rack Supported Mezzanine Storage

These types of mezzanines are built on top of and supported by pallet racking systems or shelving systems, so there is no need for use of structural columns. They allow you to maximize your space by providing dense storage underneath, as well as storage on top.

Catwalk Mezzanine Storage

This type of mezzanine storage system consists of walkways or aisles that are suspended from the first level of shelving, and in between, or adjacent to a second level of shelving rows, to allow access to the product stored on the second level. Both levels of shelving are configured the same.

Full Mat Mezzanine Storage

Full mat mezzanine storage systems provide the features of both freestanding and catwalk mezzanine storage systems. They can be installed over existing workplace areas or shelving and come with an open second level.

Custom Mezzanine Storage

This type of mezzanine storage system, as the name implies, is designed according to the needs of your facility. Just about any load characteristics, column spacing, design and component can be incorporated in a customized design. With a mezzanine storage system, you will be able to double the floor space in your facility efficiently, increase your overall productivity, minimize (or even eliminate) moving expenses as well as avoid the need to purchase or rent additional space. These benefits, among others, such as possible tax advantages and minimizing property taxes are a good reason why you should choose mezzanines. However, to ensure you reap the expected benefits of these systems, it’s imperative you purchase mezzanines from a reputable material handling manufacturer.
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