How Rubber Floor Mats Prevent Injury and Fatigue

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A workplace injury occurs every 7 seconds in the US, adding up to nearly 5 million injuries per year. About 16% of all workplace injuries are due to slipping or falling. Installing rubber floor mats is one step you can take to help prevent these types of accidents. But modifying your flooring can also reduce pain and fatigue among your workers. In fact, some studies found that standing on soft surfaces results in less discomfort and pain than standing on hard surfaces. Let's take a look at a few ways in which rubber floor mats make for a much safer and more productive workplace.

Improves Grip and Shock-Absorption

As mentioned above, slips are the second most common cause of workplace injuries. When placed in the right locations, rubber floor mats reduce the odds of workers taking a tumble on the floor. They provide better grip, and some mats are specifically designed for slippery surfaces. This makes them one of the most important safety products for work areas. On top of this, if a fall does occur, mats offer superior shock-absorption when compared to hard floors. Therefore, a worker who falls on a mat is much less likely to injure themselves.

Reduces Foot Pain

Standing or walking on rigid surfaces every day can lead to swollen and aching feet. The pain can get so bad that you may need to take time off of work to recover. In other cases, it can lead to avoidable accidents. Properly fitted shoes with high-quality padding and support can absorb pressure. But rubber mats provide the extra cushion that many workers need to avoid foot problems.

Stimulates Blood Flow

Standing in one spot for a prolonged period can decrease blood flow in your legs. Your muscles become constricted, and this leads to fatigue. By stimulating the blood flow in your legs, you can combat lower-body fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats ease the stress on your joints and muscles. This puts significantly less pressure on your legs. As a result, your muscles and veins can relax, and your blood circulation improves.

Boosts Comfort

Uncomfortable workers are often unhappier. This can have not only a negative impact on absenteeism but also productivity. In fact, happier employees are 12% more productive than average employees. Rubber floor mats are significantly more comfortable than hard surfaces. Workers that stand on mats report less discomfort than those that stand on concrete. With mats, your workers can focus more on their job and less on distractions caused by an uncomfortable work environment.

Helps Fix Poor Posture

Fatigue and overpronation can both lead to poor posture. Poor posture puts significant pressure on your spinal cord nerves and can lead to backaches. The cushion provided by rubber floor mats makes it easier to avoid rolling your feet inwards. It also reduces fatigue. As a result of improving your posture, you can also expect less lower back pain.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Rubber Floor Mats

Anywhere from 60% to 80% of accidents at work are due to stress. One way to reduce stress is to cultivate a culture of safety. Rubber floor mats make your workplace a safer place. They can also add comfort to hard surfaces like tile and concrete. Less fatigue and injury leads to improved performance and productivity for your business. Are you ready to upgrade your workplace? If so, make sure to check out our selection of high-quality, durable anti-fatigue mats!  
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