How To Maximize Your Warehouse Space

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Regardless of how big your warehouse is, so long as it's filled with disruptions and distractions, you can expect to miss your target revenues. A perfectly-operating warehouse, on the other hand, yields immense returns. Just take a look at Costco, with its 2017 generated sales amounting to a whopping US $126.17 million. While your warehouse may not be as big as Costco, you still have a target bottom line to achieve. This said, did you know that how you use your warehouse space can impact your revenues? That's right. Effective and efficient utilization of your available space has a great bearing on your operations, and ultimately, your profits. But how exactly do you make the most out of the space you have? Let's take a look at the strategies you should employ for space maximization.

Assess Your Warehouse Layout

The layout of your warehouse is important to highly-efficient operations, reduced product damages and losses, and most importantly, worker safety and security. As such, it's important to systematize the exact use of each part of the facility's space. Systematic space utility means properly-positioned work areas, pathways, aisles, metal shelving units and pallet rack systems, and access (entry and exit) points. Their location throughout the warehouse space can make all the difference in your facility's productivity and safety.

Use Of Safe Space-Saving Storage Solutions

An ideal warehouse layout possesses the following characteristics:
  • Ease of access to stock items
  • Ease of locating stock items
  • Minimal physical effort to reach overhead items
  • Sturdy and stable metal shelving units, storage, and pallet racking systems
  • Use of vertical space available
Now, ask yourself just how many of these characteristics your own warehouse has. If you're missing even just one, it can already indicate that are you wasting precious warehouse space. An effective way to assure that you are best utilizing the space you have, is with the right shelving and racking systems. Industrial storage solutions have an impressive load capacity, which means that they can carry loads far heavier than consumer systems. These storage systems allow you to access unused vertical space that everyone has in their facility

Systematic Inventory For Efficient Warehouse Space Use

In a world filled with products, supplies, tools, and machines, it's common for warehouses to be just as full of confusion and chaos. After all, warehouses are massive containers housing thousands of items. Inefficient and ineffective storage policies can result in waste of valuable space. It's highly likely that those boxes stacked in one corner have contents that will only fill up a quarter of the space it currently does. It's only eating more space than necessary because of incorrect inventory procedures. So, before you attribute the seeming lack of space to your warehouse's actual space, assess your inventory efficiency first. It's possible that all it takes to free up and maximize space is through an improved inventory organization policy. Now that you know how to maximize space in the warehouse, the next thing you should do is to consider upgrading your storage solutions. We can help you make the right investment. Contact us to find out more about our innovative warehouse systems.
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