IBC Containers: A Perfect Solution For Food Handling Operations

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Intermediate bulk containers are a prime choice for food transport. They offer a number of benefits to warehouse operators who need a safe and hygienic way to transport certain food products. This collapsible container lined with a high-grade poly liner will make shipping food and other products a breeze.

Benefits Of Shipping Using IBC Containers

These containers offer countless benefits to customers who use them. Let's take a look at the long list of reasons to use this style of bulk container.

Collapsible - this should go without saying since it’s part of the title. But the fact that these containers collapse is a huge benefit. It allows you to break them down for return shipment, and store them when not in use, freeing up precious storage space.

Hygienic and easy to clean - the containers are made of FDA approved high-density polyethylene, which is approved for food and beverage transport. Their smooth wall design also makes them effortless to clean. HDPE containers can also be recycled once they start to show signs of wear.

Cost-effective - these containers are durable and reusable, and can last for a long time. This saves you money on replacements.

Designed to fit a liner - it is assumed that these containers will have a liner in them at some point, so their design accommodates one.

Ease of handling - they are designed with smooth corners to make them easier to transport and move with a forklift.

Ease of labeling - the design of these containers leaves large spaces for barcode labels or RFID labels for tracking purposes.

Simple to stack - these containers are designed to interlock when stacked. This allows these containers to be stacked four containers tall during transport.

Reasons To Use Poly Liners

Using a poly liner to ship your products will enhance the hygiene of the process, as well as make clean-up easier. You can use a simple poly wrap or a bubble-enhanced poly liner. Your choice will depend on what product you are transporting. Having the liner inside helps protect the product and makes it easier to clean once transport is complete.

Industries That Should Use IBC Containers

IBC containers and poly liners are frequently mentioned as ideal containers for shipping food and liquids, making these a must-have in the food and beverage industry. Truthfully any industry that ships liquids should invest in these containers and liners. Pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, and cosmetic companies can use IBC containers and poly liners. All of these industries benefit from the ease of transport and ease of cleanup.

Make The Investment In IBC Containers And Poly Liners

To ensure the safe and secure transport of your product, invest in IBC containers and poly liners from DACO. These top of line products are FDA approved, hygienic, and convenient to clean. Contact DACO today to speak with our sales team and follow us on Facebook to get the latest product news.

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