Challenge Solver - Impactable Bi-Parting Commercial Freezer Door

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Food company has an ineffective and inefficient freezer door with dangerous frost build up on the floor.  Need to reduce frost on floor and energy loss for improved worker safety and energy cost savings

  • Bi-Part padded soft freezer door leaks freezer cold air at seams.
  • Frost builds up on floor causing slippery conditions and danger to workers.
  • Frost builds up at the middle and edge seams causing the door not to close fully.
  • Energy costs increase to replace the escaping cold air.
  • Freezer condensers work harder and wear out sooner than need be.
  • How to afford a new door is always a challenge.

DACO’S SOLUTION:  Enviro IXP 2100 Impactable Hard Panel Bi-Parting Commercial Freezer Door

  • Install an IXP 2100 impactable bi-parting freezer door with a R-Value of 33-35 and a great efficient seal.
  • Fast acting for improved productivity.
  • Bi directional breakaway front edge panels reduce down time and repair costs when doors get hit.
  • Reduced air leakage improves safety from exiting frost build up on the floor.
  • Freezer mechanical parts last longer and use less energy.
  • An award from the Energy Trust of Oregon pays for a good portion of the door replacement cost.
For more information on ASI Enviro IXP Impactable Bi-Parting Commercial Freezer Doors, click here.  
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