Improve Your Sanitary Food Handling Practices

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Everyone these days is looking for ways to improve sanitation within their food handling operations. If plastic bulk containers are part of your operations, there are many styles out there to choose from, but are they helping or adding to the problem. The Sani-Box was designed with sanitation in mind. It is manufactured with an antimicrobial agent that basically adds another layer of protection against the growth of bacteria that can cause odors, stains and product degradation, as well as helping to keep the container cleaner longer. It’s solid, smooth wall design eliminates sidewall seams and gaps that can be bacteria traps, and seamless construction doesn’t allow for liquid residue to pool or collect on any exterior surface, so cleaning and inspection is easy and efficient. Its self-draining, sloped bottom helps to make sure that any leftover interior residue will drain completely without it having to be tilted, tipped or dumped during the cleaning process. Superior Strength – as shown in the above picture, 11,000 pounds of concrete blocks were placed on top of the Sani-Box and it withstood the weight. Other features of this bulk container include:
  • Seamless, durable, double wall construction.
  • Sloped bottom with drain for complete drainage.
  • Sloped bottom, with drain, allows for complete drainage of plastic bin.
  • Corners have a .500+ radius that doesn’t allow for corners to trap material, making cleaning easier.
  • Open stacking alignment lugs allow for secure stacking and nesting without creating closed areas where solids or liquids can become trapped.
  • Open bottom strengthening ribs provide additional strength without trapping any material.
  • 2 in 3 return ratio, saving you return trip and storage costs.
  • 4-way forklift and pallet jack entry for easy handling.
  • Optional lid, bottom runners and top lifting eyes are available.
  • 100% Recyclable.
So take a look at the bulk containers you are using in your food handling operations and ask yourself, are they helping or hurting your efforts to create a sanitary environment that protects against the growth of bacteria. If not, the Sani-Box could be your answer. For more information on the Sani-Box, click here.
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