Improving Customer Service by Listening to Our Customers

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“Knock your socks off customer service” is what we strive for each day, as evidenced by the socks hanging from the ceiling in our front lobby.  But we asked ourselves, “What is the best way to find out if we are in fact knocking every customer’s socks off?”, and the answer was quite simple, ASK YOU. To make it easy for you to let us know how we are doing, we have created a quick, 1 question survey asking you to rate us on a scale of 0 to 10 on how strongly would you recommend us to a colleague?  There is additional space if you wish to comment further, which we encourage.  We then posted a link to the survey on our website in the left hand navigation and also in the footer of our e-mails. We have been very pleased with the number of responses we have received!  Although we are excited about receiving ratings in the 10’s, it is the 5 and 6’s that we focus our attention on, so we learn what it will take to turn those into 10’s.  Each of us at DACO do our very beat for every customer, but sometimes we may unknowingly fall short of our goal, and it’s those times that we really want to hear from you so we can learn and improve our processes. So keep those surveys coming, good or bad!  Each one is carefully read and as we learn from those surveys, we’ll strive to improve our dedication of great customer service to you and hopefully we’ll KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF the next time we work with you!  
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