Fisherman Stranded at Sea Spends 24 Hours Inside Insulated Container

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Joel Brady-Power / Daily Sitka Sentinel / AP

Who would have ever thought that an insulated container - which is designed to provide protection and temperature control for a wide array of food applications - could actually end up saving the life of a man stranded at sea? Here is a story that might inspire you!

Back in 2012, a 19 year old fisherman, was rescued after spending over 24 hours in a 4x4 plastic insulated fish tote off the coast of Alaska. He was a resident of Sitka, who along with his crewmate, decided to head out to the waters aboard their 28-foot aluminum boat for a good old day of fishing and catching.

The men were approximately two miles offshore, when their boat began experiencing mechanical troubles and they decided to head back to shore. On their way back the seas began to get rough and the next thing they knew, an 8-foot wave slammed their boat, causing it to overturn and sent them into the cold water without any lifeboats, life vests or radios to call for help from the authorities.

Luckily, both men were able to hold onto the empty fish totes that had been onboard their boat, and while one climbed inside of it in an effort to save his life, the other could only manage to grab onto a lid. Eventually the men were separated.

Friends of the pair alerted the Coast Guard Officials that they had gone missing since they left on a fishing trip. Rescue teams were dispatched to search for the two men – the crewmate was found on a beach, wearing a survival suit he found in the water. According to the man, he struggled for more than two hours to put the suit on, and in the process, lost grip of the plastic lid.

He was able to point the authorities towards the direction of his friend, who throughout the scenario, was relying on calming songs to keep himself alive overnight as he stayed inside the insulated container. He was saved and hoisted to safety approximately 26 hours after the boat sank.

Both the fishermen survived and suffered only minor injuries and much of this had to do with the fish totes that they had on board their boat! If it were not for the insulated containers, the chances of them surviving in those icy and rough waters would have dropped significantly.

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