Introduction to Reusable Packaging

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Recycling and re-purposing have been a part of our personal lives for some time now.  Some of us jumped on board right away and others have been a little slower to the party.  Even some companies are doing their share to recycle, but they may not realize there is even more they can do from a "reusable packaging" standpoint to improve efficiencies, increase their bottom line, and help the environment at the same time. So what do we mean by "reusable packaging"? Wood pallets and cardboard boxes are both considered "disposable packaging" because they are usually used once then discarded, creating a significant amount of waste in our landfills.  Plastic pallets and plastic bins on the other hand, are both considered "reusable packaging", and are designed for many years of use, while providing a variety of benefits over their disposable counterparts. Reusable Packaging Benefits Include:
  • Reduction in waste management costs.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Improved product protection.
  • Reduced product damage.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) over time.
  • Improved ergonomics.
  • Improved worker safety.
  • Longer shelf life of packaging.
Here are several resources for more detailed information on how your company can incorporate reusable packaging into your systems, so you can start realizing the benefits yourself: Once you've read these materials, if you decide you are ready to start using reusable packaging products - click here for more detailed information on a variety of reusable plastic pallets and plastic bins that can get you started.  
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