Is Your Office Space Organized for Optimal Efficiency?

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Do you think that you really can’t find the time to organize your office space? Or do you think having a disorganized space doesn’t contribute to a lack of productivity and efficiency? Well, you are dead wrong. If you realized how much efficiency a disorganized or a cluttered office space can cost you – you wouldn’t even hesitate for a second in getting things sorted out. In light of this, mentioned below are some quick and efficient ways you can start to purge your office space and tidy things up:

Finding and Eliminating

The first thing you should do is find things that you don’t or are never going to use, and just throw them away. Don’t even think about storing them anywhere, just get rid of them. A good example of what you can throw is unused furniture, office equipment that nobody uses, and probably never will, that just gets in the way.

Put Items Where They Belong

Look for things that are out of place and put everything back to their original places. What is the coffee jug doing on your desk?

Proximity Planing

Place office equipment and stuff that you use regularly or need immediately available, within easy reach. This way you won’t have to get up and walk across the room every time you print something, or look for your favorite pen when you’re taking important notes. See, can’t find it can you.

Buy a Durable Labeler

A labeler will allow you to tag things. For example, you can put a label on the trash bin, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. This way you will always remember where to put your stuff. You can even label specifically. You can label a cabinet ‘important’ and store only important stuff there.

Clean your Desk

Clean your desk, throw away stuff you don’t need, and keep things organized on your desk, keeping only the things you use every day.

Storage Boxes

Buy cost-effective storage boxes and keep archived files in them. Clear your existing file cabinets so that you can keep current files in them that you need to access on a daily basis.

Stop Procrastinating and File Every Week

Ensure you never let your filing get knee deep. Put your paper in a file holder labeled ‘To File’ and complete your piles every week so that there is no clutter on your desk.
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