Keeping Your Loading Dock Safe & Efficient

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 Improving productivity in your warehouse environment is important when it comes to decreasing costs and increasing profitability. However, when your loading and unloading operations are inefficient, it can lead to problems such as on-site accidents, equipment or cargo damage, and not to mention, reduced productivity. To avert this possibility, you must keep your loading dock safe and efficient all year round, and here are some ways on how to do that:

Keep Loading Docks Dry

The accumulation of liquid on the loading dock can be dangerous as it may result in injuries and inventory damages. For this reason, it is crucial to adopt policies on handling floor maintenance. In most instances, the spills are due to the snow or rain. In this case, measures should be taken to prevent water infiltration. Header seals and/or rain shrouds are options that help to divert rain and melting snow. Moreover, warehouse managers need to highlight the significance of constantly keeping the dock dry and safe.

Conduct Safety & Security Audits

You should conduct a safety audit even before an accident occurs. By examining your dock operations closely, you will be able to identify and rectify any issues to prevent the possibility of any future accidents. Do not forget to assess the checkpoints of entry to ensure easy access to your warehouse through the loading dock.

Properly Maintain or Upgrade Equipment

Make sure your loading dock equipment is safe and reliable at all times to prevent injuries, product damage and substantial productivity losses. Direct your employees to conduct regular maintenance checks, and repairs (if required of course), so that your loading docks are able to efficiently handle heavy loads and trucks. Your dock levelers, truck restraints and overhead garage doors all have moving parts that are stressed daily and should be cleaned, lubricated, and checked by a technician to maintain their effectiveness and longevity. However, if your equipment is beyond repair perhaps it is time you considered upgrading your dock equipment. Make time for regular planned maintenance. Also be sure to check your dock lights and communication systems to ensure they are working properly and bulbs are replaced when needed.

Train Employees on Safety Procedures

It is important to train all employees on safety procedures when it comes to the loading dock. They should be trained how to use dock levelers and other equipment safely and efficiently; as well as keeping an eye out for equipment not working properly or being misused, to avoid potential accidents before they happen.
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