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Lift tables, also called scissor lift tables, are extremely helpful in an industrial setting. These tables can adjust in height to help with loading pallets and other manual tasks. The fact that they can be adjusted helps cut down on the number of...
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For those of us who work in physically demanding jobs, comfort and safety are inter-related matters. What's uncomfortable for an extended duration of time, be it from prolonged poor posture or repeating awkward movements, can lead to muscle weakness and..
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If you work in the manufacturing, processing, or distribution industry, you understand the stress repetitive motions put on your body. One way to minimize the damaging repetitive motions is to use a scissor lift table. A scissor lift table will raise...
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When it comes to lifting & positioning product, scissor lift tables, also simply referred to as scissor lifts, can prove useful. These mechanical devices are utilized to bring the load to a more ergonomic height, so work can be performed in a safe and...
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Do you spend a lot of money and time on accident prevention, but still feel your compensation claims are too high? Maybe accidents aren’t the problem here. Perhaps the issue is predictable injuries. When your employees contort, lift, stretch or bend...
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"Ergonomics" is a very popular buzz word these days. We are all looking for ways to improve our working environment in regards to our personnel and operations. While there are many ways to ergonomically improve your operations, let's explore some of...
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