Maintain Acceptable Distances During A Pandemic With A Curtain Wall System

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The world we live in and worked in has undergone some changes. These changes will be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. While some workplaces are easy to reconfigure to meet social distancing guidelines, many are not. For those work environments that are harder to create that distance, curtain wall systems can help employers protect their employees.

Benefits Of Curtain Wall Systems/Safety Partitions

Not every workspace can be reconfigured to allow six feet of distance between each employee. Curtain wall systems are a great way for a company to come into compliance with this regulation, by creating separate work spaces. These systems help shield workers from airborne contaminants when there is no way to avoid working in close quarters. These curtains are also easy to clean and treat with antimicrobial solutions, so a company should have no issues sanitizing them to ensure a healthy workplace.

safety partitions

These safety partitions can be four sided systems or a simple single handing or freestanding version, and work well in warehouses and food processing facilities. Other places that can benefit from a curtain wall are retail stores, restaurants, nail salons, hair salons, delivery counters, and office counters. Since the curtains are clear, they should provide safety with little interruption to the business and customers.

These systems are traditionally anchored to the ceiling of the building. Then you can hang the curtain as needed. Curtain systems can have grommets that hooks are fed through a system using a bar. The ceiling mount used for either method is easy to install. Since they are temporary systems, they can easily be removed once the need is no longer present. This makes these curtains excellent systems that are far more reasonable and affordable than permanent structural changes.

Patient Care Tent

Benefits Of An Employee Separation Patient Care Tent

As stated earlier, we are living in very different times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies operate and the way they interact with their staff. Health checks are a daily part of the check-in process. Employee separation tents are another option that will allow you to create three separate areas for people to work in, and could be used for many different applications. Outdoor restaurant seating, where weather could be an issue, outdoor hair cutting stations, product floor work or processing area separation.

These tents can be stationed wherever best fits your needs, both indoor and outdoors, and can be configured with or without a roof. These modular buildings are easy to clean and sanitize. After the need for separation is gone, they would work great an as event tent.

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