Modular Office Solutions For Safety Protocols

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During this challenging time, companies are looking for ways to implement personal safety protocols in their workplaces. One of the many challenges that workplaces are facing is being able to make existing workspaces meet the new guidelines being established for safe distancing. Modular office wall partitions can help implement safety protocols to make needed changes without undertaking permanent structural changes.

Benefits Of Modular Office Space

Many industries can benefit from the use of modular office wall partitions and freestanding offices. One of the primary benefits of modular office space is that it can be adjusted and moved to where it is the most needed and efficient. They can be constructed where you need them now, and relocated at a later date, if your needs change. These structures are mobile and easy to put together and break down.

Another benefit for a company is that these types of fixtures allow you to add to your space without making permanent changes to your building or property. This equals cost savings for any company. No one wants to pay for more square footage or build an addition on their property if there are more cost-effective options available. Also, during current times, you don’t have the luxury of time. And permanent building renovations take time to build.

Types Of PPE Office Solutions That Help Meet Safety Protocols

As mentioned earlier, during this time of uncertainty, companies need to make adjustments to their office spaces and warehouse floors. It remains to be seen if these changes will be permanent, or until work environments can return to previous standards. What equipment an office or warehouse needs to meet new standards on social distancing will vary based on your existing structure. But there are several options available to help companies adjust to this “new normal” in workplaces.

Office, Production & Warehouse Options

Modular Wall Partitions- These partitions can be used to divide open spaces into individual cubicles or enclosed offices, thus creating separated workspaces for your employees. Open office spaces were a big design trend for several years. These dividers can help those spaces meet current health guidelines and can be used in a variety of ways.

Modular Offices- These easy-to-construct buildings will allow you to create individual workspaces on your production and warehouse floors. Have warehouse supervisors or maintenance people that you need to create separate offices for, here’s your answer.

Screening booth

Medical Related Options

Prefabricated Isolation Rooms- These easy-to-clean rooms offer safety by allowing isolation away from the other patients and permits. Should patients need to be sequestered for any reason, these structures allow that to happen in a manner that protects everyone on your property.

Screening booths- As we move into the next stage of this virus, testing everyone to determine who has the virus and who doesn’t will be important. These screening booths, placed where you need them, can keep both the screener and the person being tested, safely separated from each other.

Contact DACO For Your Modular Office Needs

DACO has over 40 years of experience in helping companies find the right material solutions for their office spaces and warehouses. In this time of uncertainty, you can trust our veteran sales team to help you discover the best options to meet your needs. Contact us today for a consultation. Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up on the latest news and developments.

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