Picking The Correct Broom For Any Task

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When your workers have all the correct tools for the task at hand, it will be less challenging to ensure that the right hygienic standards are in place. This also means having access to the correct brooms. Your cleaning crew will be much better equipped to complete the cleaning jobs that have been assigned to them efficiently if the tools that they have been given were designed for the specific cleaning tasks.

Sanitary Broom Design

Stapled and drilled brooms These types of brooms get made by using the conventional method of folding the bristles and then attaching them with staples into a block. Thanks to this particular method, the bristles are held tightly in place where they belong. Also, there are not many spots where any contaminants can hide and grow. Even though bristles can fall out (fortunately not as often on a broom that boasts better quality), this offers a great degree of sanitation for the majority of requirements related to the food industry. Resin-set brooms Lately resin-set brooms have made an appearance. Though, this type of broom poses numerous hygienic issues. One such concern is that the actual resin has not been given the green light for food contact. So, this kind of broom is not advisable for food processing as the bristles have been known to fall out and can then create and spread impurities. Ultra Safe Technology brooms Vikan offers modern ultra safe technology (UST) brooms that boast a one-of-a-kind design and build that have better bristle retention and can boost hygiene too. These bristles are completely molded into the bristle security units in such a pattern that enhances its efficiency. At the same time, this unique design means that it is also simpler to clean the actual broom. Processing plants (specifically those that work with ready-to-eat food, infant formula and baby food) that call for a higher degree of cleanliness will find this type of broom to be suitable. The Stiffness of the Bristles So that bristles can take care of different sizes of debris, they differ in thickness and length. Usually bristles that are stiffer are better to clean bigger debris, while softer bristles are better equipped for cleaning smaller particles. Stiff bristles These are thicker and shorter which make them stronger for cleaning big particles or scouring dirt that is hard to remove. Plus, these types of bristles can also be used wet with detergents for those cleaning jobs that prove to be the hardest. Medium bristles This type of bristle can be used for both dry as well as wet applications. On top of that, they are also a good choice for brushing away bigger pieces of food like peelings. Soft bristles These are thinner and longer than medium and stiff bristles. They are good for gathering small particles such as dust and flour and can also be used with water and detergent for washing applications. Stiff/soft combo bristles This special combo combines the best features provided by stiff bristles to loosen difficult dirt and soft bristles to clean small particles. Soft/split bristles This kind of bristle is made up of soft bristles that have split ends. What makes them great is that they can hold more water and detergent that means better washing, while they are also appropriate for cleaning finer particles such as dry ingredients like sugar and flour. BroomsSweeping Brooms These kinds of brooms are typically used for sweeping floors and look like traditional floor brooms. So that they are fit for every cleaning task, they come in a wide range of different bristles. Angled brooms If you need to clean in narrow spaces and gather big particles of debris before you continue to clean and disinfect it, you will want to use an angled broom. Push brooms These are ideal for bigger areas to move heavy particles. Thanks to the thicker bristle design it has the strength to move around bigger debris and the solidness to prevent losing any particles that are smaller. They are available in fine and combo bristle styles as well, which are great for cleaning dry ingredients such as sugar and flour. Upright brooms This broom type is typically used as a lobby broom and is perfect for cleaning small spaces like between production lines. Lobby dustpan sets If you have to clean a big floor area without any issues and in no time at all, this is a good choice. It boasts a big dustpan that is attached to the handle with which a cleaner can sweep dirt away. UST push brooms Vikan's UST push broom can boost cleaning and reduce possible contaminants. It boasts a one-of-a-kind bristle pattern that offers better efficiency and hassle-free cleaning and inspection of the broom. Deck Scrubbing BroomsDeck Scrubs These are designed to be used with water and liquid detergents. They are perfect for scrubbing hard-to-remove stains from walls as well as floors. They boast a wide base and durable bristles and are available in a wide range of widths for any cleaning task. Water-fed deck scrubs They enable a constant stream of water to make its way through the broom for first-class cleaning during scouring. Narrow flared deck scrubs This type of deck scrub also boasts a unique bristle design. Thanks to this bristle pattern they are good for small areas that are hard to reach. Its bristles can enter and clean difficult spaces - simply apply downward pressure on the scrub. UST deck scrubs These desk scrubs boast a one-of-a-kind build and a Bristle Security Unit pattern that means they are good at scouring hard-to-remove debris (on a smooth or textured surface) especially in places where sanitation is crucial. Specialty BroomsSpecialty Brooms You need the correct tool for the cleaning job at hand and specialty brushes with their unique stiffness, angles and bristle designs can be the answer that you have been looking for. Grout brushes, high-low brushes and tank brushes are three examples of specialty brushes. Grout brushes boast a bristle design in the shape of an arrow that is designed for better cleaning of the crevices, cracks and lines of a tiled surface. The bristles of high-low brushes are angled to clean the place where the floor joins the wall and any exposed drains. Lastly, tank brushes boast a special 180-degree bristle design to clean curved surfaces in a uniform fashion. As you can see there are many different styles and bristle types available when it comes to choosing the right broom for the job. CONTACT US and we will be happy to assist you in picking the right Remco boom for you.
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