Prepare For The Winter With Commercial Air Curtains

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Cold weather can cause a number of problems for business owners, employees, and customers. During the winter months, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep icy air from entering your facility and lowering the temperature of the building. The amount of work that a heater has to do to maintain a facility’s internal temperature is substantial. There’s one thing that could completely change this scenario, and that’s commercial air curtains.

Air curtains have a function similar to vinyl strip doors. They keep cold or hot air out so that the air within a building or room can circulate without experiencing a drop or spike in temperature.

How Air Curtains Work

Air curtains or air doors are not physical barriers. An air curtain is simply a device that produces a jet stream of air that gusts down doorways as employees or customers enter a room or building. It works by producing an air pocket that will essentially push the cold air away from the interior of the building. When it is used in conjunction with a physical door, it can be a super effective tool in preserving the warm air inside of your facility.

Air curtains are especially useful above entrances that experience heavy foot traffic. This is an important equipment to have in your facility during the winter months because it keeps the inside of your building warm even as the temperature outside continues to drop. The gust of air is strong enough to provide a barrier between the two climates, but not strong enough to harm customers or employees walking through the entrance.

Air Curtains Help Conserve Energy

It’s common for people to run their heaters extensively during the winter months to keep their facility warm, but the more you run your heater, the more money you’ll be spending on your energy bill. Because the job of an air curtain is to act as a barrier for cold air in the winter, it can help cut down on the amount of energy you would usually expend trying to keep your facility warm. The curtain pushes air outward, so cold air doesn’t have a chance to interact with the air inside of the building. The cost of the curtains usually offset themselves when you start to see your energy bill reduce over time.

They Are A Worthwhile Investment

When you consider how much winter weather can affect your business, whether it increasing your energy bills, or compromising your interior work environment, air curtains are definitely a worthwhile investment. They keep your facility, customers, and employees from freezing while saving you money and energy.

They’re a welcomed addition to any facility that wants to stay warm this winter. To inquire about air curtain installation, make sure you contact us today. Be sure to catch up on all DACO news by following us on Facebook!

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