Profiting from the Ergonomic Benefits of Lift Tables

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"Ergonomics" is a very popular buzz word these days.  We are all looking for ways to improve our working environment in regards to our personnel and operations. While there are many ways to ergonomically improve your operations, let's explore some of the benefits that lift tables can offer companies. Employee Safety & Health / Increased Productivity Repetitive lifting, reaching and bending is very hard on your body and can lead to fatigue, injuries, product damage and decreased production.
  • Lift tables are designed to eliminate the need for you to bend up and down while loading and unloading goods.  The height of the table can raise and lower automatically, and sometimes even rotate depending on the model, to allow for easy access to the load at all times.  The top of the load is brought closer to you, reducing unnecessary reaching and straining of your back.
  • Pallet loading and unloading times can be reduced up to 40%.   When the weight of the load changes, the lift table automatically adjusts itself, allowing the load to always stay at the best optimal working height.
  • Lift tables make great work tables.  Product size can vary widely.  The height of the table can be adjusted so it is perfectly positioned while you work, easing the pressure on your back, so you don't have to lean over what you are working on.
  • Some lift table models are also mobile, allowing you to move the load where you need to.
 While not every company has the need for using lift tables in their operations, those that do, will definitely benefit from their use. If you are interested in specific details of models available, please click here.    
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