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Here's another tip for INCREASING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY...have you ever been in the middle of a project and need to convert milliliters to inches or a kilograms to pounds and you don't remember the formula? I found this great program a few years back that will give you the answer quickly and easily.  It's called "Convert" and it's FREE! Conversion Program called Convert As you can see, it lets you convert mass, power, speed, temperature, volume, density, distance and many other things.  Here is the link to download the program http://joshmadison.com/convert-for-windows/.  I have the link saved as a shortcut on my desktop, so I can access it quickly whenever I need it. Here's another tool you might also find handy, it's a Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Conversion Table for common fractions.  I hope these tools help save you time like they do for me, Happy Converting...  
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