Reusable Plastic Containers Boost Efficiencies, Productivity & Quality

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Corrugated Boxes can have the following limitations:
  • They are not durable enough to be used as a reusable storage source.
  •  They are not suitable for many applications, including heavy item storage.
  • They can be easily crushed or deformed when stacked on top of each other.
  • They are not water or weather resistant.
The use of Reusable Plastic Containers (RBC's) can Improve Your Transportation & Warehouse Operations Transportation - reusable plastic containers (RPC's) help improve transportation efficiencies by standardizing and creating more uniform load configurations, resulting in:
  • Increased product quality - loads are more stable when sturdy, uniform plastic bins are used.
  • Fewer trips and reduced fuel costs.
  • Reduced labor
Warehouse - in the warehouse setting, plastic bins consolidate inventory, requiring less space and oversight.  Cardboard boxes and packaging clutter shop floors; companies create cleaner, tidier and safer environments when plastic bins are introduced. The result is a better ordered production and warehouse area, with:
  • Improved inventory control.
  • Better production flow.
  • More efficient processes.
RPC's can be traceable and trackable by featuring:
  • Label holders
  • Label placards for easy removal of temporary labels
  • Ability to use electronic tagging (RFID) devices.
To find out more about the many different styles of reusable plastic containers available, click here.   Source:  Akro-Mills  
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