Reusable Plastic Containers Make Good Business Sense

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Reusable Plastic Containers  Paying over and over again for single-use cardboard boxes, packaging materials and easily broken wooden pallets,  and then paying again to repair and/or dispose of them, just doesn't make sense. More and more companies are improving their efficiencies, and achieving savings and profit from their material handling storage, organization and transportation processes, by replacing their cardboard boxes with reusable hand held and pallet base bulk containers that will... Speed Efficiency By:
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Boost Workspace Efficiency
  • Optimize Storage Space
  • Shorten Assembly Times
Reduce Costs By:
  • Reducing Packaging Costs
  • Maximize Parts Protection
  • Lower Transport Costs
  • Eliminate Solid Waste.
Improve the Environment By:
  • Putting less one time use, disposable materials in our landfills.
  Getting started is easier than you think.  For more information about Reusable Packaging and where to start, download this free guide "Think Outside the Box - Think Reusable". When you are ready to start exploring your many reusable plastic container and plastic pallet options, we will be happy to assist you.   Source: Akro-Mills  
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