Reusable Plastic Containers Protect Workers & Product

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PROTECTION FOR YOUR WORKERS AND PRODUCT Worker Safety - using reusable plastic containers (RPC's), instead of cardboard boxes, can dramatically improve ergonomics and work safety:
  • Elimination of box cutting, staples and broken pallets reduces chance of injury to workers.
  • Ergonomically designed handles and access doors on bulk containers improves both workers safety and ergonomic environment.  Access doors allow for easier access to content without having to bend over so far, reducing back strain.
  • Standardized sizes and weights of packaging components reduces back injuries.
  • Prevention of in-plant debris, such as stray cardboard boxes and other packaging materials, reduces "slip and fall" injuries.
Product Protection - in addition to improving safety conditions for your workers, plastic bins offer better protection for your product stored inside.  The rigidity of reusable plastic containers helps to protect your product:
  • Against costly damage during transit.
  • From moisture and other contamination.
  • By providing secure stacking in transit or storage.
To learn more about the various styles of reusable plastic containers available, click here.   Source:  Akro-Mills  
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