Securing your Pallet Jack & Loads with Pallet Jack Stops

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Using a pallet jack stop to store and secure your loads can enable you to conveniently store almost all types of pallets jacks, which is especially useful when you’re transporting your pallets jacks. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as defined in article 393.106, “Cargo equipment that is prone to rolling over has to be restrained by a cradle, chocks, wedges or any other means that prevent it from rolling in the vehicle”. So, the best way of not landing in any kind of legal trouble is to get a pallet jack stop. Pallet load stops are designed to be flexible when it comes to securing and unloading the pallet jack without having to worry about the equipment moving during transportation.

Saves Time when Loading

A pallet jack stop allows the operator to secure the equipment without having to worry about locating the pallet jack at the front of the vehicle it is being transported, thus also eliminating the need for securing it with traditional means, which typically involves the use of a load bar. By doing so, the operator can shed a lot of time off loading the pallet jacks. By using a pallet jack stop, you can locate your pallet jack anywhere in the trailer.

Eliminates the need to Exert yourself

There are a ton of methods developed to load and secure pallet jacks over the years, especially during transportation. Some of the more traditional methods involved manually lifting pallet jacks or placing a load bar in the trailer or loading the pallet jacks beneath a skid of heavy material. However, all these tricks involve physically exerting yourself – think about how exhausted will you be when you have loaded and unload your pallet jack multiple times a day. Pallet jack stops will help conserve your strength and morale, which ultimately leads to an increase in efficiency.

Prevents Injury

Pallet jack stops are also an increasingly efficient and effective measure to ensure your workers never get injured because it does not involve any manual interaction. Lifting heavy load bar and installing heavy wedges to keep the pallet jack in place can increase the risk of your workers getting injured. With pallet load stops, all you have to do is locate a single device in the trailer, which will hold the pallet jack, and you can place it anywhere you want in the vehicle.
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