How Pallet Wrappers Benefit Shipping

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When it comes to shipping and handling materials, it is crucial to ensure that your products are secured with ultimate protection. There are measures that should be taken to prevent product damages, quickly and efficiently securing as many products as possible, reducing the risk of employee injury, and decreasing material costs. Pallet wrapping tools, like stretch wrappers, certainly come in handy and are worth investing in.

Stretch Wrappers

Pallet wrapping equipment like stretch wrappers work to keep shipments stabilized by wrapping them taut and compact. It gives reassurance that your products may remain clean, dry, and free of any dirt or debris. Proper product wrapping reduces the risk of product damage during the shipping process and helps the products arrive to their final destination in the best condition.

Workers benefit from both semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers because they lessen the dizziness and back injuries that manual stretch wrapping can often lead to. Manual stretch wrapping is also time-consuming and dangerous.

It also poses a problem when it comes to unloading pallets that have been manually wrapped because the wrapping has often come loose during shipment, making it difficult for workers to get a strong, sturdy hold on the packages they are unloading. With the loose stretch wrapping that comes with manual wrapping, Stretch wrapping is more cost-efficient, due to less stretch wrap film being used with electronic wrapping.

Stretch Wrap Film

Both semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers use stretch wrap film to secure and protect packaging. It is ideal for use in any package wrapping, whether it is a large load or a small load. Stretch wrap film is available in numerous options of film gauges, lengths, thickness, widths, and colors. Some types of stretch wrap film are designed with UVI coatings to protect products from the sun’s UV rays.

Clear film allows the wrapped products to still be available for scanning. Other types of stretch wrap film are opaque, which can be used for color-coding pallets and to conceal content information about the packaging in efforts to reduce the chances of theft. Plastic stretch wrap is recyclable and reusable, making it even more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Invest in DACO Stretch Wrappers

The benefits and advantages of utilizing stretch wrappers in mass product shipping are practically endless. Stabilize your packaging loads, reduce manual labor, decrease material costs, diminish product damage, and lessen the risk of employee injury all by simply investing in a pallet wrapper for your shipping needs. There is no better way to maximize product packaging and productivity than to purchase DACO stretch wrappers.

They are optimal, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. To purchase your stretch wrappers and stretch wrap film, just browse through the site and take your pick. For more information about stretch wrappers and other products or to receive assistance with any help you may need, follow DACO on Facebook or contact us today.

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