Different Types Of Case And Carton Sealers & Their Advantages

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At DACO, we offer several types of carton and case sealers. When applied, these devices can save you time and money, unlike manually taping your containers. The types of carton and case sealers that we offer are uniform top & bottom, uniform side, random top & bottom, random side, and uniform side/flap folding.

Carton sealers are the perfect component to ensuring your product is properly packaged for shipping or storage. Manually sealing simply cannot do what a mechanical sealer is capable of. Getting a tight and secure seal keeps your product protected from pests, contaminants, and pilfering.

Uniform Top & Bottom

If you need to ship or store cases that are overstuffed or unstable, taller than average, and shorter in length, a uniform top & bottom case sealer is just what you need. With a simple turn of a handle, the top drive belts and tape head can easily be adjusted to accommodate a variety of box sizes. You’ll also appreciate the two 2” tape heads that allow for easy tape threading as this makes your job easier.

Uniform Side

This type of case sealer is designed to intricately work with cartons that are longer in length and shorter in height. Due to the side drive belts being able to securely hold the case, the tape is easier to apply. The side belts drive, and the tape head can be easily adjusted and fit a number of box sizes by simply turning a handle.

Random Top & Bottom

Overstuffed and unstable cartons that are taller in height and shorter in length work well with random top & bottom case sealers. The sealer is able to easily hold the carton when the tape is being applied and automatically adjust to the case size. Random top & bottom sealers come equipped with PLC controls that offer two taping programs to ensure reliability and speed are at peak performance.

Random Side

This self-adjusting, random sealer works wonders on cartons that are longer in length and shorter in height. Like the others, this sealer adequately holds the carton more securely while applying tape and it automatically adjusts to the necessary size. Some other features of the random side case sealer include auto case centering, PLC controls with two taping programs, adjustable legs, and locking casters.

Uniform Side/Flap Folding

Uniform side drive carton and case sealers automatically fold the box flaps of uniform cartons. The device is equipped with top squeezers to help keep the carton in a square shape before the tape is applied. The tape head can use any 2” case tape to create accurate and consistent top and bottom carton sealing.

Get Reliable Case & Carton Sealers From DACO

DACO is your one-stop shop for all things case and carton sealer related. Looking for other warehouse needs? We offer a huge variety of warehouse and packaging solutions. Our friendly staff knows all the ins and outs about the many models of sealers that we have to offer. Contact us today to discuss which one is a good match for your industry.

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