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Custom Table Solves Stability & Accuracy Issues


Charlie’s Produce
Seattle, WA

Description of Customers Challenge:
Charlie’s Produce were having issues with their sorting tables.  They were sorting and repackaging their produce on stainless steel tables that they purchased from a restaurant supply company but, they were only 2’x 6’ and the legs would bow under the pressure.  Another issue is that they lacked back splash guards, and because of this, they would lose items off the table while inspection or repackaging.
Solutions Explored:
After discussing their needs, DACO contacted ELA Enterprises, and between the customer’s beginning sketches, and some great design tweaks by ELA’s main engineer, they came up with a solution.   They custom designed (2) 4’x 8’ tables, with three back splash panels, that would be larger than their old ones at.  They also added structurally sound tubed legs with casters to give them easy mobility.  Mid-way through production, Charlie’s Produce contacted DACO for another request that involved a lighted inspection table.  This request involved the same size and style of table without the back splash but, added a suspended arm bar halfway across the table with a light.

Resolution & Benefits from Solution:
The customer LOVES them!  The custom designs addressed the issues of product falling off the tables and bowing legs due to weight capacity of the old tables.  Because the custom stations were designed around their specific inspection processes, there were able to address the specific tasks they needed to perform to make them easier and quicker.  The casters allowed the tables to be moved around where they were needed.

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