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Custom Rubber Floor Mats Help Weary Feet

The Boeing Company  
Everett, WA

Description of Customers Challenge:
Boeing’s employees were having to stand in front of 220 degree ovens all day, which was hard on their backs, knees and feet.   Standard off the shelf anti fatigue mats would be a good solution to relieve the pressure off their backs and feet, but they would not fit properly around the ovens and workstations.  Moisture forming under the rubber floor mats was also an issue.
Solutions Explored:
Boeing contacted DACO’s account Manager Kyle Westen and asked for assistance in finding a rubber floor mat that would solve all those issues.  Kyle called Pro-Tech Mats Industries, who were able to make a custom mat that fit all the curves of the ovens and workstations.  In addition, they put holes in the mat, so that moisture would not get trapped underneath it. 
Resolution & Benefits from Solution:
The result was a custom fit mat with holes that fit around their equipment perfectly.  The rubber floor mat helped improve their employee’s work environment by taking stress off of their back and feet, and the holes prevented moisture from forming under the mat.  An additional benefit of the Pro-Tech mats was their ability to handle the high heat around the ovens.  It was a win, win all around, and happy feet, make happy employees.
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